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Poor wound care and documentation, and financial exploitation of rest home resident (08HDC08672)

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(08HDC08672, 11 December 2008)

Rest home ~ Registered nurse ~ Falsified documentation ~ Deterioration ~ Financial exploitation ~ Charges ~ Podiatry ~ Rights 2, 4(2)

A family complained about the care provided to a woman while she was a resident at a rest home until her admission to a public hospital nearly two years later. Towards the end of her stay at the rest home, her condition deteriorated, and she developed significant pressure sores. The woman's daughter complained because when her mother arrived at hospital, she was told by the staff that her mother was in very poor condition. The woman's condition improved while in hospital, and she was eventually transferred to a private hospital for continuing care.

In failing to ensure that the woman was provided with services with reasonable care and skill in relation to wound care, the manager, a registered nurse, breached Right 4(1). She also breached Right 4(2) by failing to ensure that appropriate documentation was completed, by altering a document herself, and by asking another member of staff to create and alter documents.

Another registered nurse admitted to falsifying documents, at the managers' behest. As one of the registered nurses responsible for the woman's care, she did not adequately document the care she provided, and breached Right 4(2).

It was also held that the woman was financially exploited by the home as she was charged for services that were not provided, or excessively charged for podiatry and accommodation services provided. Accordingly, the home breached Right 2.

The rest home and the two registered nurses were referred to the Director of Proceedings.


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